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Prof. R. S. Salaria

India is a great country, and Indians are outstanding

Dear Friends

Let us remind ourselves that teachers can be categorized as follows:

Mediocre Teacher Tells,
Good Teacher Explains
Superior Teacher Demonstrates, and
Great Teacher Inspires

Now you are to find out where you fit-in and where you want to be.

I believe that in addition to academic qualifications, a teacher must posses the following essential qualifications:

  • Capability of providing inspirational leadership,
  • Desire to teach,
  • Knowledge of the subject and its relationship to other subjects, and
  • Ability to transfer the knowledge to the students so that it is alive and meaningful.

If you possess all of the above essential qualifications, hats-off to you. Even if you lack in one or more of the above essential qualifications, but make a commitment to yourself to acquire those, I am certain that sooner you can become a great teacher.

Take some time to discover yourself and try to assess how much talent you possess. Utilize your period of study to harness that talent. I can assure you that you will have a great future.

For those who neither possess the above essential qualifications and nor prepared to acquire them, I pray the almighty to find a suitable place for them in some other profession.

I also want to share with you my views about the (holistic) education. Holistic education has two aspects:

  • First aspect of it teaches us how to make living, and
  • Second aspect of it teaches us how to live life.

We, as teachers, have to shoulder the responsibility of imparting both aspects of education so that we can contribute our share in the development of the country by producing individuals who are globally competent in their respective disciplines and are well equipped with morals and values of joyful life (honesty, sincerity, integrity, loyalty, commitment, . . .).

I sincerely advise you to treat your every student as your own child, the best in you will automatically come out - you know every parent want to give the best to their child.

As rightly said,

A Teacher is a NATION builder


Teaching is a NOBLE profession

Enjoy your profession . . .

Wish you a nice time ahead.

Prof. R. S. Salaria