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Prof. R. S. Salaria

India is a great country, and Indians are outstanding

My Beloved Students

I would like to remind you that we can categorize people as:

People who watch the things happening,
People who look into how things are happening, and
People who make the things happen.

Now you are to find out where you fit-in and where you want to be.

I firmly believe that youth of our country is second to none, and this fact is recognized world wide.


Our honorable former president Dr. APJ Kalam (first and may be the last president known as people’s president) has been saying at all the platform that in India there is no dearth of resources and talent, only thing we need to change is the mindset (we have to shed chalta hai attitude). He has set a vision for us to see India a developed country by 2020, and the basis for his vision is the talent of our youth.

Take some time to discover yourself and try to assess how much talent you possess. Utilize your period of study to harness that talent. I can assure you that you will have a great future.

I want to share a popular game with you which all of us used to play in our childhood. The game is of burning a piece of paper using a lens under the sun. When the lens and the paper are held stationery, it starts burning in a few seconds. However, if you keep moving either the paper or the lens, the paper will never burn. Why it happens so? The answer is simple - the light energy emitted by the SUN is not focused. The same is with us. We have enough energy in ourselves, but we don’t focus it, rather we waste it in meaningless acts. The next question arises is - where to focus our energy? The natural answer of this question should be - what you want to become in your life (that basically defines your goal). So you need to focus your entire energy on your goal, and surely you will achieve your goal.

I would also like to share with you a scene from the popular epic - Mahabharta. When Dronacharya, Guru of Pandvas, asked his disciples to aim at the eye of the sparrow placed on a tree. All his disciples, except Arjuna, replied in a same manner - Guru ji, we see a sparrow. However, when the turn of Arjuna came, his reply was - Guru ji, I see only the eye. That is the kind of the focus you also need to develop in your life.

The next point is that when you have identified your goal, you need to identify the steps that you need to follow in order to accomplish your goal. Once the goal and the steps to accomplish your goal are identified, write them nicely on a piece of a paper and paste that paper at a place which you visit regularly. Whenever you will visit that place, the writing on the paper will remind you about your goal and what you have to do to achieve your goal.

The final word, you may set any goal for yourself and that may be of becoming a successful doctor, an engineer, an administrator or a businessman, but you must also try to be a nice human being. You know a nice human being is like a fruit of all seasons, and is welcome every where, anytime. I believe, the basic mantra to become a nice human being is too simple and can be stated as

Treat the others the way you want to be treated
in other words
don’t do anything with others which you wish others shouldn’t do with you.

Enjoy your student life and make best use of it . . .

Wish you good luck and a nice time ahead.

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Prof. R. S. Salaria