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Prof. R. S. Salaria

India is a great country, and Indians are outstanding

Books Published

  1. Fundamentals of Computers
  2. Computer Concepts and Programming in C
  3. Problem Solving and Programming in C
  4. A Complete Reference to C++ Language
  5. Mastering Object-Oriented Programming With C++
  6. Computer Concepts and Programming in C++
  7. Data Structures
  8. Data Structures & Algorithms Using C
  9. Data Structures & Algorithms Using C++
  10. Cracking IT Interviews
  11. Engineering Mathematics
  12. Discrete Structures
  13. A Modern Approach to Programming in FORTRAN
  14. Test Your Skills in C
  15. Test Your Skills in Data Structures
  16. Test Your Skills in Object-Oriented Programming With C++
  17. Computer Education (for BEd Students)
  18. Computer Science and Applications (for B. Pharma of PTU)
  19. C Programming and Data Structures (JNTU, Hyderbadad)
  20. Application Programming in C
  21. Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
  22. Statistical and Numerical Methods in Engineering
Prof. R. S. Salaria