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Prof. R. S. Salaria

India is a Great Country, and Indians are Outstanding

Heartiest Welcome

Dear One and All

With utmost pleasure, I wish to share with you that the website which you are browsing is hosted for the benefit of beloved students, esteemed faculty, proud parents and the society at large. Ever since I began my journey in the field of education as a teacher, I have always been connected with students (who are to shape the future of the country), faculty (who are to shape the future of the students), parents (who are to provide good environment at home to inculcate family values) and the society (which is supposed to provide a conducive and vibrant environment for inculcating social values).

I aspire to raise the level of education by interacting with the students (who are to receive), faculty (who are to deliver) and policy makers (who are to plan).

Emphasis will be:

  • to conduct interactive workshops for guiding, motivating, inspiring and exposing the students to the challenges ahead as per the need of the industry and the country at large.

  • to conduct interactive workshops for motivating and inspiring the faculty to deliver education effectively.

  • to interact with the policy makers for planning vibrant and relevant course curriculum and allocation of requisite resources.

  • to take initiatives to sensitize the citizens of this great country about their fundamental responsibilities towards society and seeking their contributions to make the society a wonderful place for happy and peaceful living.

Prof. R. S. Salaria